For several years I have been working to develop academic, business and cultural bridges between China and Argentina & Latin America.

I believe that this collective construction will be a key driver to achieve true development for our region. 

Alejandro Razzotti is leading CulturaZip, an organization focused on developing academic and cultural projects with China. Currently, its ISIIC Higher Ed. Institute offers the only higher education diploma on Mandarin Chinese available in Argentina.


Alejandro has more than 15 years of experience in managing multidisciplinary teams with people from different cultural backgrounds, languages, and experiences oriented to specific results in the private sector, NGOs, and government. He has led cultural, commercial, and academic initiatives in Argentina and Latin America.


Alejandro holds a Law degree from UCA, Argentina, an MBA from IAE Business School, Argentina, and a Master’s of Public Policy from Georgetown University, USA, through the Fulbright Grant Program.  After that, he got a Certificate in Virtual Environments from OEI-CAEU and did Ph.D. studies in Political Science at UNSAM.


Alejandro was the Founding Executive Director of the House of Chinese Culture, the University of Congress in Buenos Aires, Argentina (2015/2018).  He led a range of projects to contribute to a better understanding between China and Argentina & Latin America and, to promote greater mutual knowledge. The House has become a mandatory reference in Sino-Argentine relations.  


Alejandro is a Professor of ICT in the Public Sector, at UNSAMHis current research focuses on technological applications, effects, and governance in China and Latin America. Also, he is a full member of the China Working Group at the Argentine Council of International Relations (CARI).


Alejandro was a member of the Georgetown Public Policy Alumni Board from 2005 to 2011, President of the Argentine Fulbright Alumni Associationand President and Co-founder of the Georgetown Club of Argentina & Uruguay. A few years ago, he was awarded the "1820 Alumni Award" by Georgetown University in recognition for his dedicated services to the community.

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